EASY White clover Jelly

White clover. Yes, the kind that is covering your yard. It makes a phenomenal jelly that tastes like honey.


Here is a simple recipe to make white clover jelly.

Makes 5 half pint jars.


2 heaping cups of fresh clover flowers, rinsed.

2 cups of boiling water.

4 cups of sugar (I prefer Morena Pure Cane Sugar. It has an amazing flavor all its own and it is much better for you.)

1 package of liquid pectin (I prefer Liquid pectin. It does cost a bit more, but the consistency is always perfect! Totally worth it!)

5 half pint jars and lids sterilized.


Collect 2 heaping cups of white clover flowers. Rinse gently.

Place the flowers in a large mason jar.

Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the flowers.

Place lid on jar loosely. Let sit for a minimum of 4 hours or over night.

Strain the water from the flowers. You can use a mesh filter or cheese cloth. The product is called an infusion. I strain the infused water directly into the 2 quart pot that I make my jellies in.

Bring the infusion to a boil.

Add 4 cups of sugar. Stir occasionally.

Bring to a boil.

Add liquid Pectin. Stir frequently.

Bring to a rolling boil. Stir while boiling for 5 minutes scooping off any foam in the process.

Pour jelly into prepared jars. Attach lids and bands tightly.

Water bath can the jars for 10 minutes.

It takes about an hour for the jelly to set. Its amazing on fresh bread. YUM!






29 thoughts on “EASY White clover Jelly

  1. well what do you know! add flowers to the ingredient list..just says clover. looking forward to more goodness!

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  4. Are you sure that the amount of boiling water is correct? I’m having a hard time thinking that you will get 4 cups of sugar into only 2 cups of liquid. Other jelly recipes I have seen use more like 5 cups of liquid for that amount of sugar.

  5. I was looking at the abundeant clover in our yard yesterday and told my husband there must be something we can do with it….can’t wait to try this…thanks for the recipe !

  6. Inversion method is not a safe way to can anything.

    This kind of jelly must be frozen or refrigerated. There are no safe canning methods for flower jellies/jams per NCHFP, Ball Blue Book or Bernardin.

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  8. Just went and picked the clover from my yard. This sounds yummy. I also use the water bath method for all my jams and jellies, works great. Thanks for the recipe.

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  11. How much powdered pectin in place of a packet of liquid? I already have containers of the powder and would like to use it up first!

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