Welcome to Homestead Heroine!

This website was created with the hopes to inspire women to do more on their homestead. I hope that by following my experiences as a first time homesteader, viewers will feel more confident in their own adventures and will be their own heroines!

Oh, men are welcome too of course. We all know, after all, that a man can learn a lot from a woman. Oh snap, I had to go there. Hahaha. Seriously though, I completely support gender equality. I think its important for members of both sexes to learn new skills that are not traditional of their own.

This is my first blog. I am not a writer. But I try to explain things as simply as possible. Life is hard enough, and I can’t believe you take the time to read my blog. I’m not going to fluff it up. I’m all about getting things done and that’s not going to happen if you are using more time than you need to reading over bloated blog posts. You’ll notice this especially on my recipes. I hate reading a recipe and having to scroll through 50 pictures. “Look dude, where’s the ingredients list?!”.

This is a low budget blog. And by low I mean zero. Well, minus the WordPress fees. Ugh. Yes, I’M paying to give YOU information. Jeez… Anyways, I work off of my daughters computer when shes not using it, and my cell phone pictures. Believe me, I could spend all day with a good camera taking zillions of pictures until I get JUST the right one. Maybe one day that will happen. But I’m not holding my breath. Here, you will find the reoccurring theme of using what you have. I try to do things as cheaply and easily as possible. I hope that this way of working and living helps you save time and money.

Speaking of money, please note that there are affiliate links on this blog. If you happen to buy something by clicking on one of these links I may get a referral fee. I will not post any links to items or products I don’t like. My opinion cannot be bought.

I hope to build an fantastic blog that is filled with enriching information. My intentions are to take these blog postings and one day make a book for my children. So feed back is absolutely welcome!

Please feel free to comment on the blog posts or contact me at HomesteadHeroine@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!


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