How to Freeze Figs

What you need:
Wax or parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Cutting board
Sharp knife
Freezer bags

How to:
Place sheet of wax paper on cookie sheet.
Rinse figs.


Cut stem from fig.


Set figs, cut side down, onto wax paper covered cookie sheet.


Sit the cookie sheet in the freezer so its level.


Allow to freeze for at least 2 hours. The figs should be rock hard.
Once frozen,
Remove figs from wax paper and store in freezer bags.



7 thoughts on “How to Freeze Figs

  1. What do you use them for after they are frozen? I froze them like this before but when thawed they became a mushy mess.

  2. Once the figs are frozen & I make preserves later on do I need to thaw them or just cook according to recipe & proceed with making the preserves? We have been unable to locate any jars/lids/rings right now due to pandemic so I want to save fruit until stores are restocked. Thank you!!!

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